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William Branham

Who Was William Marrion Branham?

Bro. Branham was one of the most influential Bible ministers of our time. Historically he is considered by many to be the initiator of the healing and charismatic revival that began in 1947, and from his ministry sprang countless others, many of which have since become internationally known. From 1947 until his passing in 1965 William Branham preached thousands of sermons, of which almost 1,200 have been recorded and transcribed. Many of these powerful sermons have been translated into dozens of languages and made available internationally. The impact of the supernaturally vindicated ministry of this one man has been felt not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Supernatural Vindication

At the beginning of his world wide ministry, when Bro. Branham was a relatively unknown Baptist pastor in Jeffersonville Indiana, he told of being visited by the Angel of the Lord. He was told that he would carry a message of divine healing to the world. This was certainly fulfilled completely over the next couple of decades with infallible supernatural vindication personally testified to by thousands. This is believed by many today to have been the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies of Malachi Chapter 4, Elijah the Prophet that is to forerun the second coming of Christ as John came in the spirit of Elijah to forerun his first coming. This Elijah was to be also the fulfillment of Revelation 10:7, the Prophetic Seventh Angel Messenger that is to come to the final church age to reveal the mystery of the Seven thunders which are the mysteries contained in the Seven Seals of Revelation the 6th chapter.

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