Living Word Tabernacle



WHY? The word means - for what reason our purpose.  

Our children will come to us and ask "why"?  It is because they have a young curios mind to know.  All of us grown children go to our heavenly Father and ask "why"?  We usually do this because something happened that disappointed us greatly.

Maybe we should not ask "why", when things do not happen the way we expect," why did this happen, why did I lose this friend, why did I get sick, why did I lose my job, why did my children mess-up, or why is others blessed and I am not?"


William Branham had such thoughts when he said; "Many people asked, 'Why?' They sometime ask me, Why? Why must these things happen?  Why did this happen to me? Why did I start and this happen, and I had this trouble here, and this upset me here, and I lost this here?

"Sometimes I've asked, 'Why?' Why, when I was just a young minister, first started out, did God take my wife right out from under me, take my baby right from beneath me, right beneath my heart? Why did He do that? I didn't know. I do now. I just held my hand in His and kept trusting.

"He knows every junction. He knows the rhythm when it must take place. He knows what it takes to mold you, He knows what kind of material He's going to use. The backside of the desert sometimes, where God molds righteous men into sages and prophets. That's where men are beat out. Men are beat out, in the Word. When they got all kind of creed and stuff in them, let them come to the Word and God beats it right out of them, molds it right into This, into the great Sympathy of His Word. And then they see the Word moving on."

Pastor Bill Ivy - Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri -