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The Living God is always among us, regardless of what we feel or even see. Sometimes He leaves us alone just to see if we would continue to believe the supernatural is here. 

From Malachi to Matthew and the coming of John the Baptist was over 400 years, and it seemed to many that the God of Israel was no longer among His chosen people. 

In the Book of Job, it starts by saying how perfect Job was before God, and then Satan is turned loose on him and Job wonders where is God, but Job never forsook Him our denied His supernatural presence. 


The Book of Acts begins with the supernatural taking place in the New Testament Church in almost every page and paragraph.  However, toward the end the Book of Acts we see much less of what we call the supernatural.  The great Apostle Paul, in the beginning of the Book saw great wonders but toward the end of his ministry, it seemed to be ineffectual, leaving a brother sick (2 Timothy 4:20), and many brothers forsaking him because of what appeared to be a failing in His ministry.  Where was the supernatural that followed his ministry in the beginning?  It was still there, he stood for Christ even to the chop block where he died in Christian faith.  God didn't fail him, nor did the supernatural cease to exist, it was actually the crowning of his ministry, but few could understand it, this is because it was the "present state of Paul's ministry."


 Would it be strange, William Branham as a prophet message to this final age was accused of the same.  The First Pull or phase of his ministry we saw the great crowds and supernatural taking place constantly.  The Second Pull was greater and produced less of what we call supernatural.  By the time of the long awaited Third Pull, which would be the greatest part of his ministry, what did we see?  The Pentecostal element believed his ministry was dead, because they were looking for something they thought was greater and missed the real purpose of that which they called supernatural in the beginning of his ministry. 


Is there a Pentecostal element around us looking for something greater and the true supernatural just flies over their head?

In the sermon "Recognizing Your Day and Its Message" William Branham said the following. Are we seeing a repeat of the same?

"Everywhere now, there's no revival. Everybody is complaining, ministers crying. I was reading one of the outstanding papers that comes here to the church, a very fine paper. And I know the editor, and I know the people. And they are godly people, very fine, Brother and Sister Moore, of the Herald of His Coming. One of the finest papers on the field, Herald of His Coming. But they hardly will print anything unless it's about, 'Fast, pray! Fast, pray! Sound a trumpet!' How many reads it? You know. You see it all the time, 'Fast, pray! Fast, pray!' It's all you hear. 'Fast, pray! We're going to have a great breaking of the day! There is a great thing going to happen! All of you, pray, pray, pray! We're not too late yet!'

Why do they do that? Why do they do that? They want a great awakening. They're crying, believing that there will be awakening. They're good people. Why is it? What have they done? They have not recognized the awakening of the Bride. See? By being a Christian, they feel the pull of the hour, but they haven't recognized what's been done. That's what's making them feel that way. They know something is supposed to happen, but, see, they're looking for it way off in the future, to come, when it's already happened right by you."

Unquote: I thank the LORD for the supernatural that is here now, making us ready with Rapturing Faith.

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