Living Word Tabernacle



What is Greatness? The great Apostle Paul had his name changed from Saul to Paul.  Saul was a great name in Israel, it was good for a king, King Saul, while the name Paul meant “small.” It was in Saul becoming Paul that he could do great things for the Kingdom of God.

We all say we do not want to be considered great, but that is not true.  We desire acceptance and when we do not get it we feel neglected, even wronged. Social media has proved this with the desire to have as many; “friends, thumbs-up or likes” as possible. In a little way it is a desire for greatness. We all enjoy being valued, because of who we are and what we do, a housewife, a factory worker, a student or a preacher, we want to be recognized as more than ordinary.  If we cannot be great, then we want to associate with greatness, by being a part of a club, a school, a church or a ministry that we think is filled with greatness. Our association with greatness, seems to increase our value, if nothing else, in our own minds. But God does not look at greatness the same as we do. It fact what we consider great, He may consider foolish and what we think to be foolish God sees as GREAT! Preaching is that way; 1 Cor 1:21 “…it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” Paul said, “when I am weak then am I strong!”

Today a mother in the kitchen is considered weak, the same women in the public square is thought to be great!  Or a man with a million dollars greater than the man that works at a factory barely making a living. The Word of God does not see it that way, God saw little David while tending a few sheep as the next King of Israel, while his brethren thought the crown would look better on the head of his older brother. When Jesus was watching the people put their offerings in the treasury, he made comment about the widow woman with her two mites, as giving a greater offering than those who contributed much more.

What is greatness? We can see greatness all around us, everyday, in the ordinary things the LORD has called us to do and be as we humble walk with Him! For the Christian, the way up is down and the great things are the little things. Never forget, God will always hide himself in the humble and simple, while revealing himself in the same.

Bill Ivy – Pastor Living Word Tabernacle – Campbell Missouri