Living Word Tabernacle



What can we expect in 2024?

Is it my righteous indignation or something else?  What have we become, what has happened to the "OLD TIME RELIGION, THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME?"   Have we become a "New Time religion," matching the denominational world, and are we brought together by new ideas which are contrary to Scripture? Do we promote modern trends of music and worship to attract the people?  Have we become another personality cult?

A lot of questions as we go into a new year.  Remember, in this great deceiving age, it takes real discernment to know the difference between right and that which is seems to be right.


There is something that makes the difference, this year and every year.  As it was in Egypt, there was one thing that made a difference.  This was during the first Passover at the time of their EXODUS - the BLOOD of a lamb, stood between Israel and the Egyptians, and it had to be displayed on the lintel of their door, for all to see, in-order to be saved.  We have something better, the literal life of the LAMB of God, which was the Word that bled for us. The Word we live by, because that Word becomes flesh in our flesh.  The same must be displayed on the "lintel" of our hearts. That alone, will make the difference in 2024. 

Oh, how many are seeking other things for safety.

The following is a short Clip of our final service of 2023 on New Year's Eve.  What Makes a Difference in 2024