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There are three points that stand out as most important to Believers - Death, Burial and Resurrection. This, the earliest church had to content for, even with their own life at times.  Even though it is fundamental to our faith, we must content for it in this sin-sick world that does not believe in anything but "self." 


Everything in nature revolves around those three things: death, burial, and resurrection. Every day of our life, something is testifying to us of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Without it, there would be no power in the church, because there would be no life (Holy Spirit), and without His life working in the church there could be no evidence that Christ rose from the dead. I believe that is why God has made it so simple and clear, that if a person did not have a Bible they could see it in nature every day.


A prophet to this generation publicly contented for this very thing.  The supernatural which God demonstrated through that ministry testified to this last generation, that our LORD Jesus Christ who died on the cross, and was buried - ROSE AGAIN to live in his church with power.  There will be no denying this in the final age of the church (Laodicea). 

He spoke the following in regards to this subject;


"Look, there is life, death, burial, resurrection. Resurrection! You can't go outside without seeing it. Watch the leaves come on in the spring. Watch them get to their youth in their old, in their middle age, and then their old age. And the vein's in the leaves, packing the life. A few minutes, you find out it isn't long, before any frost falls or anything, them leaves drop off. And what happens? The life that's in that tree, that sap, goes down into the roots. If it didn't, the winter cold would kill the tree, kill the life. It can't stay up. It's got to go down and bury itself. But in the spring of the year, here it comes back, with a new leaf again. It's testifying there is a life, a death, a burial, a resurrection. Everything typing. We just can't get from it."

"Watch the sun when it rises of a morning, the sun that lights the skies. It's a little baby, rocked in its mother's arms, when it's weak, not very much life, not very strong. And then about eight o'clock, it starts off to school. At eleven-thirty, she's graduated, and it's out of high school and out of college. Then she is in her strength, from about twelve till about two. Then she begins to get weak, weaker, weaker, weaker, and finally she gets real weak like an old man or woman, goes down. Is that the end of it? She comes back the next morning to testify, 'There is a resurrection, and a life beyond death.' "

"Everything testifying. All nature testifies. The Word testifies to it. The very Spirit Itself that's in our heart, testifies to it. Something within us, calling out, that, 'There is a resurrection of the dead.' " - WMB


Unquote: All Christianity is based upon resurrection.  God's life never ends and lives on in His Church today.  We are looking forward to honoring the Resurrection with a sunrise service at 7:00 AM, most people will be traveling to church while the Sun is coming up.  We will have another service at 11:00AM

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