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I thank the LORD, He has allowed me to pastor these many years, what I believe to be the most wonderful church a person could pastor.  A church that has been extremely good to me over the years and I believe understand what I am writing here.  However, as a Pastor we often remind our congregations of these things. Because what we are is certainly reflected in them and the church will follow our example in life, more than what we preach. 

We have heard it preached by William Branham, "The Way of a True Prophet" to a Pentecostal age that had no idea what a true prophet was - when one came.  I have lived long enough in this wonderful message to realize that many today do not understand the concept of "The Way of a True Pastor."  Many may disagree with me on this subject, however, I am 73 years old and I grew up under some REAL PASTOR'S that helped mold me to my call - old "Oak Trees" that have weathered the storms of life and ministry.  And I believe the LORD has men, True Pastor's, today all over the world that follow God's will in the things. The things following, words which I have spoken I have spoken to our church.

The following is a portion of a sermon preached Sunday 11-12-2023 titled, "Life's Standard" the complete sermon archived at our church website - .  Also a 15 minute clip below of what is wrote concerning "The Way of a True Pastor."


A Pastor is not perfect, even though he is required to set an example, not just in preaching but living. Which also includes his family, wife and children.  If Satan can't get to him, he will work on his wife or his children (Job).  There is a Standard, that is a power that helps (Isaiah 59:19).

My children are grown, I still have a responsibility to love them and be a father and grandfather to them.  I have a Love that I express to you, that I MUST express to them also and more.

My wife; do I show her the correct amount of love and attention, as I show to the church which I also love, and labor for.  There is a standard, or a power that helps me (Isaiah 59:19).

With you, here at Living Word Tabernacle, I pray this often; "LORD help me to say the right thing in the right way at the right time."  James spoke about the tongue, and I am placed in a position to use it, for good or self.  I can say the right thing and it seems wrong or out of place, but maybe HE, wants it said.  Sometimes, I won't say, what I should say, for fear that I will hurt you or worse by remaining silent, or not saying enough.  I can also say the right thing, wrong, in the wrong spirit, or at the wrong time or handle a situation in the wrong way.  And I have.  Or visa-versa, handle it right, and Satan torments me that I did it wrong.


Moses - Elisha:  One cursed the children, for making fun, and some bears came out and killed them.  That was not an act of the Holy Spirit.  Moses smote the Rock in anger, when He was told to speak to it, and the punishment seemed worse than the crime.

I suppose the worse thing is someone who, won't admit they are wrong at times.

There are times I ride him and tell my wife, "why did I say that, in that way."  Even though it was the truth, should I have said it at all.  Then, is this Satan tormenting me for doing what I am called to do, or is it, and many times it is, my humanity smiting a stone, when I should have just spoken to it, because it had already been smote.


There is a Standard in the life of a pastor, and this standard is a power that presses the enemy, when he presses me - a power to press on anyway (Isaiah 59:19). 

And you have to have a Standard, to stay with me, as so many of you have, as I stay with the Word, yet  knowing I am human, like you, just with perhaps more of a spiritual change from God, to help you.

Think like this; If you stood where Brother Ivy stands, would you be perfect in your attitude, in what you say and what you do?  Could you really love those that would criticize you, in your efforts to do the right things, spiritually.  There is a standard, a power to help you, as a church body (Isaiah 59:19).  This power has been with the church in every age. 

I do get a lot of complements in my position as the Pastor, about this church, from you and from visiting ministers. However, there is a power (standard) to keep me humble also, sometimes it comes through criticisms or my failures, and then I am reminded; Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. (Psalms 127:1)