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The great sin of Laodicea is lukewarmness.  We see the wickedness in the world around us, but lukewarmness is a sin of the last and final church age (Rev 3:16).  A sin that is found in the church among those that should be close to God.  It is being guilty of doing nothing, brought on by the gently rocking hand of prosperity, even in the midst of a so called pandemic.  Or perhaps caused by a lack of what you have or want, It can be brought on by sorrow, or by being too busy from constant work to fulfill our desires and ambitions.  All these things and many others can cool the flame the once warmed the soul. 

God give the solution because even those He loves (elected) are affected by this great sin of the endtime. Rev 3:19 “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”  To be zealous is the opposite of lukewarmness.  He says for us to be zealous, to be earnest and habitually do the opposite of what we are doing, change our way of thinking, which will change the way we live.  Repentance is a decisive change in direction, a change of mind that leads to a change of thinking, a change of attitude that leads to a change of feeling that leads to a change of values and leads to a change in the way we live.

There it is – the zeal of the Bride of Christ is to repent of any resemblance of lukewarmness in our love and desire for Christ our Bride Groom.

Pastor Bill Ivy, Living Word Tabernacle, 31309 State Hwy 53, Campbell Missouri USA

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