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In Revelation 6, we see four beast (powers) that introduced the first four seals; "come and see." We know these scripturally (Ezekiel 1:5, Genesis 3:24) to be living creatures or Cherubim's from before the throne of God - guarding the holiness and approach to God, the "way" (as in the Gospels), powers that came to the true Church, to overcome the anti-Christ (Revelation 4:6).  The anti-Christ spirit rode on four different colored horses (beast or powers).


If God sends a certain Spirit to the Church, then that is what we will fight with, or work by.  It is the Spirit that works among us to overcome.  When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against it (Isaiah 59:19).

The church responds to that anointing, and they cannot do nothing else.  Anointed with the true Spirit of God of that age.  That is how the True Church, in its minority, went to war against the spirit of the anti-Christ, which is denominationalism and leads to death (Revelation 6:7-8).


Notice: He we are at the end and there will not be another beast (power), good or bad.  The worst is here and the best also.  We are called to a spiritually battle, not to play church or just be nice, and yet we must always have the correct spirit towards even our enemies.  But especially those of like precious faith.

"When the enemy comes in like a flood, then I'll lift up a standard against it." The true Church will take her stand, the Holy Ghost Church.  As a pastor, and a minister of the Gospel, I must be interested in one thing, that is God's born again Church.

There is more evil today; good is called bad and bad, good.  Things are excepted today among the people, that is considered the normal thing to do, and no one blushes.  Things that were hidden yesterday, and spoke of only in the dark, even by sinners have become common conversation.  Sin has become appealing even to people who attend church regularly.  Oh, how we need the teacher, the Holy Ghost back in the church and the pulpits - when the enemy is coming in like a mighty flood, there has to be a standard against him.  Lift up a standard, which scripturally means "make the enemy flee!"  That standard is here, a Message that has come (Christ the Word). And by that we can fly on eagle wings above the things of this world [above death that rides (Revelation 6:7-8)] while living in this world.

This is not an easy Message, but it will bring rest to your soul.  Because it is God's way, and we have to choose it ourselves, each one of us. You will be glad you made Him your choice.

This was the subject Sunday morning titled, "LIFTING UP THE STANDARD" 4/21/2024.   Archived on our church website.

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