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If you are looking for acceptance, then follow the crowd.  However, follow the WORD of God and you will walk alone. 


It is true, the LORD'S way does not become broader and more populated with praise and popular appeal.  His way is the right way and it becomes more confined, narrow, and lonely.  In fact, it is so straight and difficult that few will walk that path, because they want the approval of the crowd.  If you walk with Christ, you will walk alone.

In the sermon "Go Tell" William Branham relates to a vision in which the LORD spoke to him in regards to his minister; "And there He stood, talking to me. And He said, 'But you walk with too many.' He said, 'To walk with Me, you'll walk alone.'"


When we walk with too many, it is a crowd, and to walk with the crowd is to be accepted by the crowd.  And to be accepted is to be in agreement with the crowd, which usually is not in agreement with the one God we serve.

So, it is with us, if we are not careful and fully dedicated to the Word, we will have more respect for the crowd, then God.  The crowd could be your church, a group of ministers you associate with, or anywhere you meet with people of like interests. That is because we hunger for approval from as many as possible, and when we do not receive it, we feel inferior to those we are around.  So, to get approval, we do what pleases the crowd.  We do that by being a part of what others are a part of, we feel accepted by doing so, rather than walking alone with Christ without the applause are approval of the crowd.

William Branham told and interesting story in regards to this thought;


A great musician, just here a few years ago, went to Russia. He was playing an overture, and he was playing just so greatly until the Russian people were screaming at the top of their voice. They stood up and they screamed, and they screamed, and applauded, for him to play just once more. And he stood (now listen), and they... They screamed again, and they stomped, for him to play again this great overture.

And they noticed the boy. They said, "He must be beside himself. He's not noticing our applause. He's not noticing it. We're trying to call him back to play again." But they noticed he just stood like that, staring. So after while they turned to look. He wasn't paying any attention to the applauding of the people; but his old teacher, the old maestro, was setting up in the audience. He wanted to see what he said about it. He wanted to know whether he would applaud, or nod his head--it was well done. He didn't care what the people said; he wanted to see what he said.

Unquote:  I long to hear the Words of the Master one day; "Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord (Matthew 25:21)."

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