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How do you live a life of separation from those that profess to believe and do not?  They do not walk and live the things we have been taught, or plainly dis-believe what has been clearly revealed through scriptures. Many time it is those we love family.  I am speaking not of the general public, religious or not, I am speaking of those that are close to us in what we believe and yet so far away.

It is important, because we are NOT to compromise truth for the sake of unity (Philippians 3:17).  We cannot and will never be in harmony with everyone that calls themselves a believer, every church, every meeting (and there are many today,) every ministry that claims to preach truth.  Yes, God has a worldwide Bride, but it will be one here and one there (Luke 17:34). 


We do not judge a person from an outward perspective, but we discern the spirit.  All things and everyone are governed by a spirit, either a heavenly, earthly or from the regions of the lost. 

When we hear something, we are not always hearing the voice that speaks, but something else - a spirit that speaks to the inside of us.  Nations have spirits, where you live has a spirit attached to the region or area, individuals, groups of people, and churches also.  It is so easy to take the spirit of that which you are around, right or wrong, it becomes part of you and your thinking process, very quickly.


But how do we as Believers separate from good people, who profess to believe as we do, and are absolutely of a wrong spirit? 

First,  we are not called to persecute one another because of differences. We are taught to be good to all, and especially those of household of faith.  If they are your enemy and the Bible says we will have them, you may not enjoy or desire to be around them.  However, if they are ever in need, hungry or sick, you will do the same for them as you would for any other. 

Secondly,  you do not help them by compromise, or enabling them in their wrong, encouraging or congratulating them in it.  You do not have to tell them they are wrong either, they will not believe you. You should not make them think you believe they are right just to be friends, that is enabling them. You can be friendly to someone that is wrong without enabling them. How?  By living the right kind of life in their presents, and always speaking truth in love and not in a condemning, condescending way, if they will let you. 

Thirdly,  you may have to avoid them, but not so obvious that it appears deliberate.  Light cannot have fellowship with darkness, there is nothing you really have in common, even when they claim to believe as you.  You know if they do.  To many times the smallest conversation will lead to debate or other problems that are present and make your life miserable by allowing this to happen.  For your own good, and your own happiness, your fellowship is with those that help bring you up and not down.  And of course, there are those who need you and want you to help bring them up from their personal weaknesses.

Fourthly,  God will separate you!

Abraham is our example, he had to separate from one that he dearly loved, Lot.  The Bible says he was a believer, but a very carnal one.  Lot was His nephew and he looked upon him as a son.  Abraham tried, but never was successful in changing him.  Neither could God, and is a example for us in dealing with those we cannot change.  God never blessed Abraham until He made this separation, as difficult as it was.  And He will never completely bless you (Gen 13:14-18)

How did Abraham do it, when it came down to separating?  First of all, God created the circumstances and the division between Lot's herdsman and Abraham's, this forced the issue upon Abraham.  He then gave Lot the first and best choice of land.  "You choose where you want to go and live and I'll go the other way."  He preferred him, not in wrong, never would he do that, but knowing that Lot would choose wrong, because it was his nature to do so, to look for big things, prominence in the big city, around a better class of people.  But Abraham's choice was to following Jehovah, even if it meant alone in the desert.


Many times, it is those we love the most that we are forced to separate from. We are called to be a separated people to God in a time when the Church seems to know little of this.  Holiness is gone, dress, separations from the world, courtship and weddings are of the world and do not resemble what a Christian is, and many times we see less of God's dignity among our own then that which some denominational churches have.

Christ' Church will never be of the World, or get by with trying to be like the world - We are chosen to be different.  That is the only way we can have true communion with the LORD and be the Bride of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 6:11-18).

Pastor Bill Ivy, Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri USA -