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You can stir up really strong emotions when it comes to Christmas.  "It's pagan, Christmas trees are pagan, Christ wasn't born on December 25," and the list goes on, and on.  You can certainly lose friends over this subject.  What is true?  I believe there are extremes on both sides of the question, we could all post a quote book to back up our point of view. 

Whatever we believe should have a scriptural foundation, however, there are traditions we keep that are not doctrinally founded in scripture.  It is something that you do or that a church does merely out of traditions that are good and can be positive.  Therefore, All tradition is not bad, it depends on your motive and objective - in other words; why do we do certain things. 

The Pharisees had traditions that the LORD rebuked because they were designed, by the priest, to make the Word of God of non-effect to the people.  Such as the tradition of "Corban" (Mark 7:11).  There was truth to this tradition, but it was used to nullify the 5th commandment (honor parents).

I briefly examined the positive side of Christmas for our local church.  The following is a portion of a sermon preached Christmas Eve 2017 at Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri USA.

Christmas - Positive Quotes From the Message