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God is still the healer. He has been so good to me all through life. I have been rejoicing since my surgery last Monday for a partial nephrectomy, seeing how the LORD Jesus is mindful of our needs. I appreciate all the prayers, even when my faith was weak, there are those that continued to pray and believe for my healing.

My wife’s testimony of what took place is as follows:

“I am still Thanking God for his healing power and answering prayer. The day my husband went in for surgery, as far as we knew it was a tumor and cancer in his right kidney and they were going to have to remove part of his kidney, that morning I told the doctor that I was believing that it was not as bad as what he was thinking. We put our trust in God and He certainly came on the scene. No tumor, no cancer, and they didn’t even have to remove any of the kidney. It was an old, dried cyst. I have been Testifying to everyone that I spoke to about God’s goodness. Just a simple prayer and God came on the scene. Thanks to each and every one that has prayed, called, and text. We could not have gotten through it without our family and friends, and most of all our God.”

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