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"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he... Proverbs 23:7.”  It has been said; "Do right, your duty to God; think right, that's your duty to yourself; and you've got to come out right."

I have always said, the hardest part of this saying is "THINK RIGHT."  When we think, we do it with mind and thus the five senses - Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Testing and Smelling. There is a vast limitation in our "sense" knowledge. We know nothing by our senses except as it comes to our mind through these five channels. And of course, by sense knowledge we cannot know, or understand God.  A person must be born-again spiritually for the thinking process to be changed to be able to properly "think" rather than just too reason.


Therefore, we must be re-created, and our thinking process illuminated before we can judge things as they really are. I could say it like this; we do not understand the Bible, by our five senses, even though we see it, and read it or hear someone else reading it.  To understand, it has to come from the heart, which is where God's thoughts originate.


When we think with the mind, it keeps us awake at night, it fills us with anxiety and depression, but when we can "do right our duty to God, and think right (from the heart) our duty to ourselves, then we can know everything will be alright."

William Branham explained this in the following sermon quote:

"But every human being's got a little compartment in his heart, that there's not even a blood cell in it. Many years ago the critics used to say, God made such an awful mistake when He said, 'As a man thinketh in his heart,' because there's no mental faculties in the heart for him to think with.

But two years ago, I believe it was, when I was in Chicago in a meeting, great headlines come in the paper, that they had discovered, science has, that a man does have a mental faculty in his heart, that there's a little compartment in the heart, the human heart, that's not in the animal heart. They've found it on research on the heart, and in there they say it's the place where the soul abides. So then, after all, God was right when He said, 'As a man thinketh in his heart.' Now, we reason with our mind, but the heart doesn't reason. The heart just believes."

Brother Branham went on further to say in this same sermon;

"Now, many times, I know all Christians know this, that people will think, 'Well, it just can't happen, but yet, in my heart there's something tells me, that it's going to happen.' Did you ever have that experience, you Christians? Sure, you have. That's that inside man thinking. It cast down reasons; it doesn't have anything to do with the reasoning, because with God, words should not be reasoned. We cannot reason out God. God is never known by science, never is God known by mental powers. God is only known by faith. Knowledge will never get a man to God; knowledge takes him away from God." - 60-0729  WHAT IT TAKES TO OVERCOME ALL UNBELIEF OUR FAITH_  YAKIMA WA 

Unquote:  Today, when your mind is cluttered with anxieties, if Christ by the new birth lives in your heart, then try thinking about it from the heart.

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