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To some Christmas is to be completely ignored.  That is because of its Catholic roots, and the mixture of Christianity and pagan traditions.  For others it is just the story of a special baby born in a stable and a manger of hay.  There are the shepherds, the sheep, and angels that are present at the time of His birth, with Mary and Joseph. 

I believe both versions have problems, even though there is truth to all that I have already said.  But what is the real truth?  Answer; the incarnation, God becoming flesh, living a sinless life as our Kinsmen, and taking the penalty of death on the cross for our redemption.  Returning to His glory which He had in the Beginning (John 1:1-2), so that He could come back and incarnate or live in His bride by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The following is a portion of a sermon preached on the subject (The Deity of Christ) Christmas 2023.  This clip discusses the first part of this post and what William Branham taught and believed about the truth  of Christmas.

Pastor Bill Ivy - Campbell Missouri USA