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TO TIMOTHY - A letter to encourage a preacher!

The great Apostle Paul, waiting to be executed.  Took ink and parchment and wrote his last letter.  Who would he write this important letter too, a council of elders, or a special spiritual church?  He writes TO TIMOTHY, a little almost unknown preacher.  A PREACHER!  He writes to encourage him to preach and to strengthen him in the difficulties he would face as he preached the same Gospel.

Paul said of Timothy that he had no man "likeminded" as him.  How were they alike in comparison to others?  "...all seek their own not the things which are Jesus Christ's (Phil 2:20-21)."  The others protected their own ministry more than the kingdom of God, they were in it for something other than Jesus Christ.

Timothy preached with Paul and others (2 Cor 1:19) and Paul said he worked the work of the LORD, as I also do (1 Cor 16:10). 

This letter contains the last words Paul wrote and are preserved as scripture.  His last letter was to encourage a preacher in his ministry.

The following is the beginning of a series titled; TO TIMOTHY - (Encouragement in Ministry), taken from Second Timothy.

Pastor Bill Ivy, Living Word Tabernacle - Campbell Missouri