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TITHES AND OFFERINGS are a difficult pastoral subject. It is something that has been abused, mis-used, wrongfully taught with selfish motives in the church. And grudgingly given by those that do not understand the natural or spiritual benefit in giving to the church.

This is a greatly misunderstood subject, however, a very important Biblical principle and duty.

As a pastor I was approached a number of years ago about preaching on this subject. This was the request of some sincere brothers that desired a better understanding for themselves and the church we attend. At first, I declined, saying that it would be too sensitive and a very difficult subject for me as the pastor to preach about, GIVING.

After giving this, some thought I realized the Apostle Paul taught that it was my duty to declare the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27).

I therefore, determined to preach ONCE a year, in January on TITHES AND OFFERINGS. This annual subject was delivered at our church on January 15, 2023, titled “GOD GAVE TO US,” using as a text, John 3:16.

The points covered in this sermon were as follows:

1)     Why do we give?  2)  How much do we give?  3)  Where and to whom do we give?

This sermon is archived at our church website and at the end of this post.

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri USA