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We live in an age in which right and wrong is more difficult to discern than ever before. It is in religion as well as in secular issues. There are so many thoughts and ideals of what is right. Where is perfection or an absolute to be found in this world of insanity? We have heard it said, as Believers; “we must stay with the Word.” But I ask you, who’s word? If there is “right and wrong” than there must be an answer, a place where the difference can be properly judged.


If God is just, then His judgment must always be the same – and as simple as in my seem, the Bible is our source of right and wrong, of which those that believe, can put their trust. God has always had a Bible, in the heavens, on the earth and in the printed page. Also, the Believer is a Bible, if his or her life corresponds with the written Book. The only Bible some will ever read.

To the person that calls themselves a Christian today, there are many shapes, and sizes of what we call “Believers.” We all hear good sermons; they bore us or excite us. We will travel to meetings looking for a greater blessing than the previous one we received. For many, it is like looking for the proverbial “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, while overlooking the value of the rainbow covenant given by God. A covenant that never changes.


As in the Tabernacle in the wilderness, we worship in the courts that God has provided. The Outer Court and the Inner Court (Holy place), which is a spiritual type of our body and human spirit (the flesh of a man). It is here we get blessed by God and are partakers of the Holy Ghost (Heb 6:4-6). However, that can be a fleshly, emotional revival, which is the weakest and will last the shortest period. It is of the Holy Ghost, and we could say, you can be Justified and even sanctified here. But to stop there is to stop short of the true power of God. A power that stays the same in our life, through the good times or the not so good times, when the sun is shining and when there seems to be nothing but clouds above.


There is a power, where God dwells, in the Holiest of Holies, in the very presence of God’s glory. Most never enter this place if I understand the Bible correctly. It is too straight and exacting of a walk and could be death, if not entered perfectly and correctly. However, you will die anyway by not going into the place, spiritually.

We look for a God of flesh in our worship, and that takes us to our own flesh for spiritual satisfaction in the songs we sing, and praise we offer to God. He becomes a god that is fleshlier right, rather than spiritually right. “I feel it is right, my emotions tell me it must be right.” We then call this the move of God.


Where is the move of God, and what is it? It is found in the Bride and is Thus Saith the LORD. “It's moving right now, friend. It's on, the move is on for the Bride. That's the Truth. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.” – From the sermon, The Invisible Union of the Bride of Christ, WMB.

We will call fleshly demonstrations the fire of God – not knowing what the fire is. The fire of God burns away and brings judgment on everything in our life that is not like Him (Matt 3:10-12). We boast that what we have is the original Pentecost, but is it the manifestation of the Bride age, or Rapture age?

Who is, and who is not, - what is right and what is wrong? It is not found in the crowd, but it is outside the camp, where Christ died. It is beyond the vial of our own thoughts and feelings. It is so far beyond our emotions, which only prove you are alive naturally, but dead spiritually. The truth is still found in “Thus Saith the LORD.”

“Don't never build your hopes of salvation upon a sensation, 'cause you can have all kinds of sensations. But build it upon the Word of God. There's where you can beat Satan any time, upon the Word. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD.” – Sermon titled, “WHY” by William Branham

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