Living Word Tabernacle



The local church consist of people. Yes, there is building we meet in, furnishing that make things nice and appealing. We have music, singing, praise, prayer and the ministry of the Word. All churches have a name out front, inside at service time you will find the faithful, saints, deacons, and the Pastor all faithfully doing what they are called to do, big or small.

All these things make a local church what it is, but what is the center piece of the church, something that identifies a church? For some it could be the music, style of worship, beauty of the building and furnishing or perhaps the personality and ability of the minister. Those things are good, but what is suppose to be the center piece of every local church?

The Bible tells us there is "ONE" who walketh in the midst of the church "Rev 2:1." The Revelator described Him in all His FULLNESS in Revelation chapter one, and seeing Him John fell at his feet as dead. He laid His right hand on him, saying, "Fear not, I am the first and the last, I am He that liveth and was dead and behold I am alive for evermore!"

That can only be the LORD Jesus, the only thing that is to be the center piece of any local church Do not let anything take that place, no matter how great or exciting it may seem to be.

I always look forward to be with the saints gathered around the LORD Jesus in our local church.

Pastor Bill Ivy - Living Word Tabernacle - Campbell Missouri