Living Word Tabernacle



As Believers what difference do we make in the world we live in? Are we secretive about what we believe? Ashamed, or just backwards in regards to the life that is in us? Or, are we just stubbornly quite about the things that are really important and can make a difference? What is the reason you keep quiet about your faith and what you believe is the truth? 


Do we hide the truth we believe because it is not truth at all, or because we are not sure if it is truth?  That is what cults are made out of.  They have to hide what they really believe, because it is built on a bottomless pit, it has no foundation to stand on (Revelation 17:8)


Always know, truth will stand for itself, and the LORD will always stand with you if it is the truth. 


As a pastor, It is that, on which I must assuredly (with great humility) stand which will protect me and those I preach too.  To protect my ministry, is not to protect my ambitions, but to stand on the Truth that will always protect itself.


William Branham (1909-1965) said it like this; "I said, 'Any time that the Word of God ruins my ministry, God, ruin it right quick, because I want it ruined.' I want to give something that's right. The Word of God teaches that. And I say, 'God give us boldness, and men that'll stand for the truth, regardless of what comes or goes.' That's what we need. The Gospel's not something for a sissy. The Gospel's for men, God-called men."

Unquote - Thank God He still has a few, Lord help me to be more fearless, with the truth, and that with great humility.

Pastor Bill Ivy - Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri