Living Word Tabernacle



LAWLESSNESS is a sign of the endtime. Luke 17:29 speaks of the return of the lawless days of Sodom, just before judgment came to the city. Also that Lot, Abraham’s nephew lived in Sodom and even had a place of prominence at the city gate. Peter says that his righteous soul was vexed, from day to day, seeing their lawlessness (2 Pet 2:8).

The word lawlessness means; uncontrolled gatherings contrary to the law. It is obvious that we now have in America a lawless society on both sides of the political spectrum. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, because of the sins of perversion while an uncontrollable mob (Gen 19:4), in the presence of angels, tried to break down Lot’s door.

These things have a tendency to restrict our personal freedoms. When will the gatherings of true believers be considered lawless gatherings by secular politics & the media?

In “THE GOD OF THIS EVIL AGE” William Branham said this Laodicean church age is a time of “real religious, but lawlessness.” An age that God said of them, “Because thou sayest,” (Rev 3:17). Not a previous age, but this last, evil age!

It is in these conditions that Christ, the Son of Man is revealed again to a people that can receive Him and for the gathering unto Him. Even so Come LORD Jesus!