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Jesus was tired from ministering to those in need.  It was a long hot day and the sweat of his work was on his body, his feet tired and dusty.  He was invited by the great preacher, Pharisee Simon, to his house for dinner.  From a human standpoint Jesus would have liked to find a quiet place to rest, a place away from the people.  And besides, he knew, this great preacher Simon, did not believe in him, in fact Christ knew the man's objective in inviting him was not to receive him as a brother and friend. Even though he acted as if it was.

However, Jesus went anyway.

Why?  Jesus also knew, someone needed what he had, and believed in Him, while Simon did not.  Jesus went for that ONE that needed Him to be there that evening. 

As Jesus set and begin to partake of the food that was prepared, perhaps the host was considerate in many ways to him.  Addressed him as a special guest and introduced him to those that had gathered in, but in his heart, he distained him.  Deliberately refused to have his feet washed, as was the custom, did not kiss him welcome at the door or anoint his body with sweet smelling ointment.  In other words; Simon placed him in the rear of others as a lesser guest.  An invited, but un-welcomed guest and certainly not considered equal to Simon's associates that had gathered at his house.


Then enters the reason Jesus was there.  A vile sinner woman, saw the un-welcomed Christ, believed in him and then did what the great Simon refused to do.  The poor sinner who Simon condemn, while condemning Jesus also, was saved because of her faith and her sins were forgiven.

What about the great preacher Simon?  I wonder.


Oh, how many Simons we have today, that in their greatness they treat Jesus the same today and do not realize it?

Jesus says again; Matt 25:40   "...Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

I wonder also, how many poor sinners today, do, for Jesus Christ, what those that know to do, fail to do?

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