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There has to be a Divine order to how we conduct ourselves in the House of God, called the local church.  The apostle Paul was given the authority to write this Divine order, as it was breathed out by God (2 Tim 3:16).  Being a Prophet and a messenger to the first age of the Church, he was giving this responsibility.  This is clearly seen in scripture.

A Divine order is a prescription to keep from having a dead church.  Church members, ministers and  spiritual people have thought in times past that ORDER creates deadness in the church.  It keeps the Holy Spirit from freely moving.  This school of thought is a great error, and a Pentecostal (group) conception. 


Even the Apostles at in the first chapter of the Book of Acts before the Holy Spirit came, had a business meeting.  They set things in order (Acts 1:26).  Choosing from those that were with Jesus from the beginning, Matthias to take the place of Judas that fell by his transgression.


The purpose of the Elijah ministry that was promised before the second coming of our LORD, would be a restoration prophet.  As Elijah restored the altars and the right way of worship, so our Elijah would d the same.  Pentecost restored the gifts, but a restoration would restore all things, even order in the church.  This would be so, as to prepare a people, not for receiving the Holy Ghost as at the beginning, but the Rapture.

There were many things that we did not understand in scripture until a prophet came and made the Book (Bible) an open book, as to clearly see Christ in every page, and our responsibility to Christ the Word.  Therefore, our worship and the conduct we have when we assemble together has been made clear, for the purpose already wrote.   It's important!

Pastor Bill Ivy - Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri USA

The following is a sermon preached, Wednesday 2/2/2022 at Living Word Tabernacle, titled; CHURCH ORDER.