Living Word Tabernacle



There is a voice of opposition.  Which is to not agree, in fact, disapprove of something and a wish to change it.  It is a public opposition to something that you believe is wrong.  A voice of opposition is  a stand you take for what you believe because you disagree with something you know is wrong.  It means to resist, challenge the other side, or even to be a rival toward something.

Where you have two political parties in government, you have opposition.  One party is opposed to the others political views. And each desires to promote their political views and ideology above the other.

Should the Christian be a voice of opposition?  Is opposition ever right?  In the Old Testament, the tree of life was in opposition to the tree of knowledge.  After the fall, Abel was in opposition to Cain.  As you travel there the Old Testament the Jewish nation was in opposition to the Gentile world.  The Prophets were in opposition to the religious Jews that had forsaken God.

As we go to the New Testament we find the same thing.  Jesus was in opposition to the most religious group in the world, the Pharisees, even to the point of being put to death for His opposition to their religious views.  As the Christian church begin to grow, Paul had to constantly oppose the early Christians from Jerusalem, that wanted to mingle law with the Grace of God that had been provided by the cross.

There must be a voice of opposition today.  We are opposed to the politics of this world that come by the god of this world, satan.  We are a voice of opposition to anything that draws Believers away from the atonement of Christ and places it on a certain man or a doctrine which a group of men may teach contrary to the Word of God.

How can we be a strong voice of opposition against the voices we know are wrong? 

First of all you can be a lived voice by the Holy Spirit that lives in you;  "...create a spirit around you, a power, that when you walk, people know that you're a Christian. They love for you to say something to them. They believe your word. What you say, they hold onto it. (William Branham)."  Then you can firmly and righteously speak of what you live before the people and the things you oppose.

Yes, I always want to be a voice of opposition!  Not just to be different.  But never afraid, even for friendship sake,  to be in opposition to the that which is destructive to truth in this deceptive religious world.

Just make sure it is not the truth you are in opposition too.

Pastor Bill Ivy- Living Word Tabernacle - Campbell Missouri  USA